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Wireless Connections 2005, and thoughts

I gave a "lunch keynote" at the Wireless Connections 2005 conference in Calgary last week. I spoke (perhaps not all too surprisingly) about "Semantic Web & Mobile Information Access". The conference audience was mostly wireless industry executives, analysts, marketers, etc.

"Calgary as seen by my Nokia 6630"

In conjunction, the Canadian business paper Business Edge published an article with my interview in it. Though the article also spoke about conversational user interfaces for automated customer support and like, I thought it was well written (by University of Calgary professor Tom Keenan). And I was quoted as characterizing XML as "woefully inadequate"... Good.

Many presenters in the conference talked about various kinds of (current and future) applications that would give mobile users specific information. It seems to me that, as a user, I would much rather decide for myself what information I like, what the sources are, etc. This, in my mind, is a compelling reason to pursue Semantic Web technologies. Power to the user, with miminal hassle on the user's part.

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