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Semantic Web @ Mobiquitous 2005

I attended Mobiquitous 2005 last week. It is a nice little conference (and the venue was just great). Semantic Web was prominently part of the general subject matter of the conference. The use of Semantic Web techniques to implement context-awareness in pervasive computing environments was discussed in several papers (including mine, titled "Contextualizing Applications via Semantic Middleware" - I will make this available soon).

Sun God by Niki de Saint Phalle

This conference has a strong network technologies flavor. One thing that bothers me about ad hoc networks, dynamic sensor networks, and like (and evident at this conference) is that there are many papers that discuss optimization of network topology, connectedness, traffic, etc. that somehow base the optimization algorithm on a (hidden) assumption that someone (e.g., "centralized control") sees the entire network and has more or less full knowledge of it. This seems unrealistic, but then again I am not really a "network person"...

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