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Is Wilbur Dead?

Some people have been asking about Wilbur, wondering if the project is dead. It is not. Lately, I have been working on persistent triple stores. The first prototype, up and running although just barely, uses MySQL with a "schema-ignorant" database schema. I am not a great fan of the idea of schema-aware storage models, although some folks seem to suggest that it would be a more efficient way to go. Perhaps, at least if you know the schema up front. I guess I am somewhat hesitant to start dealing with all the housekeeping that needs to happen when one makes changes to schemata.

After the MySQL triple store I was thinking of building a special version of the main-memory triple store that would run on top of AllegroCache. We'll see...

The reason why progress on Wilbur has been so slow is because I have been preoccupied with another project: Nokia has just started a joint research lab with the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), dubbed "Nokia Research Center Cambridge". One of our projects focuses on the Semantic Web and the use of Semantic Web technologies to implement context- and policy-awareness. I'll report more once we make some concrete progress.

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