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Yesterday we had a snowstorm in the Boston area, with 1-2 inch accumulation of snow per hour over several hours. Schools closed early, and everyone tried to get home earlier than normally. Myself included. I left work (at Kendall Square in Cambridge) around 2 pm. I got home in Southern New Hampshire (58 miles away) 6 hours and 45 minutes later. You do the math...

Traffic in Cambridge was in complete standstill, and it took me 3 and a half hours just to get out of Cambridge (that's about 9 miles). Scenery on the freeways that I took (Rt 2, I-95, Rt 3) was just like from one of those end-of-the-world-all-infrastructure-collapses movies, with the roads littered with abandoned cars. People abandoned their vehicles in the middle of the road on multi-lane freeways.

I think had I not learned to drive in Finland I probably would not have made it home.

We are expecting another storm starting Saturday night...

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