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Switching to SBCL

After developing on OpenMCL (and also Allegro) for a long time, I recently decided to switch to SBCL. My development machine (MacBook Pro) is still running MacOS 10.4.xx, and I just got tired of having to deal with the "32-bit or 64-bit" question. So I built a version of SBCL with multithreading enabled. It seems to work nicely, and I can now run all those things I like (MySQL client libraries, SQLite3, and Portable Allegroserve -- this is the one that needs the threads) without the aforementioned problem.

I am starting to like SBCL. I use Slime with Emacs (I switched from ILisp), and debugging etc. works reasonably well. SBCL is very fussy about the "purity" of the language, though (and I thought I was a perfectionist when it comes to how to write CL code -- little did I know...).

Posted by ora at 14:27


Any tips for SBCL + RDF? (I'll be on Ubuntu)

Posted by: Danny at May 6, 2008 03:10 PM