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Wilbur is Dead - Long Live Wilbur!

As many of you have quite correctly concluded, we are no longer actively maintaining Wilbur at Nokia. Today I have released what tentatively is the "final" Nokia release of Wilbur, available here as a gzipped tarball. The release is merely the current development snapshot that I have been using for some experimentation, but (and this may be significant to some folks) we also changed the Wilbur license to LLGPL.

The Wilbur toolkit is now at least 10 years old, and during its lifetime the project yielded one Ph.D and almost a dozen conference papers. It also served as a foundational experimentation tool and helped us develop a better understanding of the problems and solutions of RDF processing and storage. The spirit of Wilbur will continue to live on in the Piglet toolkit, released as part of the Smart-M3 system.

I will continue to answer questions about Wilbur should somebody have any...

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SPARQL revisited

I was happy to see that complex property paths are being considered as an addition to SPARQL as part of the new SPARQL 1.1 work. Lack of transitive closure earlier made me kind of lose interest in SPARQL for a long time, now things might change.

In my RuleML 2006 paper (PDF here) and some other publications I presented a query language for RDF (dubbed "WilburQL") based on path expressions, with the upcoming SPARQL addition I could consider re-implementing this with SPARQL. WilburQL was implemented as part of "Wilbur" (no longer maintained) and our new Python-based toolkit "Piglet" (parts of which were open-sourced recently as part of the "Smart-M3" platform).

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