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Time to revisit Wilbur

I have been thinking about "revisiting" Wilbur, my Semantic Web toolkit implemented in Common Lisp. Wilbur has not been maintained for several years, and I have been doing most of my prototyping using Piglet, a reimplementation of Wilbur (in Python and C++).

If I were to redesign and reimplement Wilbur (probably as "Wilbur 3" this time), I would like to base it on

I also have some ideas about how to take the code written for OINK and use it as some kind of an "object-relational mapper" (or RDF equivalent thereof).

Posted by ora at 11:56


Nice news Ora!

The second bullet is certainly a very good idea and something that I was thinking about for a while.. it would help to simplify the code. Unfortunately, I started a couple of other projects and because of the lack of documentations and good starting directions, I postponed the idea of contribute to Wilbur. I am currently using AllegroGraph from Franz but wondering to have some open source RDF/OWL CL library.

How can I contribute? Would you like to have contributions? I am a research in Brazil, working with Logics and Semantic Web. Maybe we can start a collaboration to this effort. Let me know if you are interested.

Posted by: Alexandre at April 10, 2012 02:00 PM