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Revisiting Piglet

Yes, I wrote earlier about revisiting Wilbur. Now it is Piglet's turn. Some of my recent tweets (like this and this) may lead you to believe I am waffling between Common Lisp (and thus, perhaps, Wilbur) and Python (and Piglet, respectively, although it also has some C++ code). Your conclusion would be correct, I am.

Piglet was open-sourced some time ago as part of the Smart-M3 codebase. I took that code as my starting point (*) and have been building on that. I am not sure, exactly, where this will lead, but I always felt what I did earlier with the OINK data browser didn't quite get as far as I would have wanted to.

OINK screenshot

A few days ago I ported/installed Piglet and OINK on my new Raspberry Pi, and this silly trick has really energized my to see what I could do with Piglet. Porting was not difficult although I needed to change some of the header files in my C++ code. Python code was not a problem. To get Piglet to build, I needed libsqlite3-dev, libraptor-dev and python-dev installed first, of course.

I am including here a screenshot of OINK being served from my Raspberry Pi.

(*) In case you were wondering why I had to specifically fork an open-source distribution of Piglet: Some months ago I left Nokia and thus I needed a legitimate, unencumbered version of Piglet. Why I left I will explain in some future blog post.

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