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RSS in Longhorn

It seems that I am into conspiracy theories lately...

Microsoft has announced that they will provide "extended" RSS support in Longhorn. OK, fair enough. RSS is a "Good Thing" (in general, although personally I am not happy about the divergence of RSS specifications and only provide RSS 1.0-formatted feed of this blog).

Now, I tried reading Microsoft's specification for "Simple List Extensions". Is it just me, but this - rather simple - specification took me a disproportionate amount of time to understand (this implies that I did understand it, although I am not quite sure now).

I think Danny Ayers got it right when he said that "those who forget RDF are destined to reinvent it…eventually". This reminds me of something that happened a long time ago at the first W3C Query Languages workshop: I went to talk to Microsoft's Adam Bosworth after his presentation and told him that I pretty much agreed with what he had said. He was surprised; I suppose he may not have realized that in his presentation he had proposed "extensions" to XML that made it look a lot like RDF (which we were finishing at the time). This may have been after Microsoft left the working group, but I cannot remember anymore.

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