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Photos from the Emerging Science of the Web -workshop

I attended the workshop "Emerging Science of the Web" this week in London, organized by Tim Berners-Lee, Wendy Hall, Jim Hendler, Nigel Shadbolt and Danny Weitzner (and kindly hosted by BCS). One of the questions discussed was the definition (and scope) of "web science". Organizers will post a summary later, I will post a pointer to that as soon as it becomes available.

My own position paper discusses the fact that the full Semantic Web vision is not possible without a broad range of AI technologies. The Semantic Web is all about AI!

I took some photos which I thought I'd post here...

From top to bottom:

1) Organizers Nigel Shadbolt and Jim Hendler moderating. Nigel and Jim

2) David De Roure and Carol Goble participating in the discussion.David and Carol

3) Dieter Fensel discussing services.Dieter

4) Tim Berners-Lee summarizing 15 or more years of development.Tim

5) I think I managed to capture most of the participants here.Workshop participants

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