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Post-mortem on my CIDOC 2012 -keynote

Last week, I gave a keynote speech titled "Love Thy Data (or: Apps Considered Harmful)" at the CIDOC 2012 conference in Helsinki. It appears the speech went well, and I got many comments afterwards; generally, folks agreed with my general message:

For commentary on the whole conference (including my speech), search for the #cidoc2012 on Twitter.

The conference was well organized and interesting. The venues were quite unique: I gave my keynote talk in the grand auditorium of the Finnish National Museum, and also listened to other presentation at Kiasma, the National Museum of Contemporary Art.

As for the background of this question of "isolation" of data (specifically, semantic isolation), I have had endless conversations with my colleague Ian Oliver abut the topic. Ian has now written a very nice series of blog posts on this, you will find them worth reading (part 1, part 2 and part 2½).

Posted by ora at 09:15


Endless? :-) Certainly fascinating discussions and surprising hard to actually solve with real-life problems, mind you, that's what makes it fun.

Posted by: Ian at June 19, 2012 03:09 AM

Fair enough, some day our discussions will end. So far, I see no end in sight, though. Fun, sure.

Posted by: Ora Lassila at June 19, 2012 08:08 AM