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Time to revisit Wilbur, part 2

I am happy to say that after I blogged about a Wilbur "redux", several people have already contacted me about the idea.

Now I have been thinking mostly what existing software I could use in the reimplementation. Last few years, many good quality libraries for Common Lisp have emerged. Here's my current thinking about the most critical bits:

Many other libraries also under consideration (URIs/URLs, EXIF metadata extraction, JSON, etc.).

On a slightly different topic, someone suggested I should consider reimplementing Wilbur in Clojure. Certainly then the availability of libraries would not be a problem.

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Time to revisit Wilbur

I have been thinking about "revisiting" Wilbur, my Semantic Web toolkit implemented in Common Lisp. Wilbur has not been maintained for several years, and I have been doing most of my prototyping using Piglet, a reimplementation of Wilbur (in Python and C++).

If I were to redesign and reimplement Wilbur (probably as "Wilbur 3" this time), I would like to base it on

I also have some ideas about how to take the code written for OINK and use it as some kind of an "object-relational mapper" (or RDF equivalent thereof).

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